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Precisous Metal Submission and Reimbursement Process:

1. Customers will mail us (Fedex or UPS) the items or drop them off at our New York City offices. Unlike some of our competitors we have no pre-paid, formal, mailing packages and other frills. We intentially avoided an expensive formal packaging process in order to reduce our shipping costs so that we can pay out greater returns to our customers.

2. As soon as material arrives we assign each lot its own number, which accompanies it through all stages of processing. That is your specific number for the entire process to include: weighing, preparation, sampling, assaying, and recovery.

3. Within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of your valuables, we will contact you with the results of our refinement process and estimates of what we think the final value of the refined precious metals are worth. And unlike many competitors that simply estimate precious metals as is, we melt the product in order to get the most accurate "assay"/value.

- Scrap: weighed, melted, poured, sampled
- Polishing/ Floor Sweeps: weighed, burned, crushed, sifted, sampled
- Bench Sweeps/ Filings: weighed, burned, demagnetized, melted, poured, sampled

All processes can be done under your careful watch or your representatives careful eyes. At the end of the process you will walk out with your samples for assay.

4. After the assaying process, we can either assist you in selling the melted product, or we can return the product if you wish to wait for changes in precious metal market conditions and rates.


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